If you live in a Bushfire Prone Area and have a garden, the following will be helpful in selecting plants. 

The CFA has released a guide for the selection of plants for gardens in Bushfire Prone Areas. Plant Selection Key

Look for plants classified as FireWise for your garden. Moderately FireWise are less suitable, At-Risk FireWise and Not FireWise are not suitable for Bushfire Prone Areas.

There are also many lists of plants that are less flammable (FireWise) and suitable for gardens in Bushfire Prone Areas.

The CFA's Design and Siting Guidlines brochure has a list of Trees and Shrubs that have a degree of fire resistance.

The Tasmanian Fire Service has a brochure of Fire Retardant Garden Plants

The CFS Fire Retardant Plants Fact Sheet 16 (602)

Extracts from the above lists.
Scientific  name Common name Max Height Evergreen/
For Hedge
Atriplex sp. Saltbush 2m E Fast Yes
Brachychiton populneus Kurrajong 12m E Slow
Ceratonia siliqua Carob 12m E Mod
Coprosma repens New Zealand mirror bush 5m E Fast Yes
Ficus macrophylla Moreton Bay fig 20m E Fast
Fraxinus sp. Ash 5-15m D Fast
Ligustam sp. Privet 2-5m E Fast Yes
Melia azedarach White cedar 10m D Fast
Myoporum sp. e.g. Boobialla 5m E Fast Yes
Photinia serrulata Photinia, Chinese hawthorn 6m E Fast Yes
Platanus orientalis Plane 20m D Fast
Populus sp. Poplar  15-30m D Fast
Quercus sp. Oak 10-20 m D Mod
Schinus molle Peppercorn tree 8m E Fast
Tilia vulgaris Linden 12m D Fast
Tristania sp e.g. Brush box 8m E Fast
Ulmus sp. Elm 10-25m D Mod
Fruit and nut trees

Moderately FireWise
Scientific Name Common name Max Height Evergreen/
For Hedge
Aesculus hippocastanum Horse chestnut 12m D Mod
Agonis juniperina Juniper myrtle 6m E Fast
Angophora costata Gum myrtle 20m E Fast
Calodendron capense Cape chestnut 12m E Slow
Celtis occidentalis Hackberry 15m D Mod
Cercis siliquastrum Judas tree 8m D Mod
Cinnamonium camphora Camphor laurel 12m E Fast
Comus capitara Evergreen dogwood 12m E Fast
Corynocarpus laevigatus New Zealand laurel 10m E Fast
Eugenia smithii Lilly pilly 8m E Fast Yes
Griselina littoralis New Zealand broadleaf 8m E Fast Yes
Hakea sp. Hakea 2-5m E Fast Yes
Heterodendrum olelfolium Cattlebush 6m E Mod Yes
Liex aquilolium Holly 15m E Mod Yes
Laurus nobilis Laurel 10m E Fast Yes
Magnolia grandiflora Magnolia 25m E Mod
Metrosideros excelsa New Zealand christmas tree 7m E Mod
Pittosporum sp. e.g. Sweet pittosporum 7m E Fast Yes
Salix sp. Willow 5-15m D Fast
Sorbus aucuparia Rowan 6-12m D Fast

Ground cover plants with a
degree of fire  resistance
very succulent semi-succulent
Arcotheca calendula Ajuga
Carpobrorus sp. Atriplex sp.
Delosperma alba Coprosma Kirkii
Drosanthemum hispidum Hedera sp. (self clinging varieties)
Gazania sp Helianthemum sp  (sumose)
Lampranthus sp. Kennedia sp.
Portulaca sp. Kochia sp.
Pelargomum sp. Myoporum sp.
Rhagodia sp. Rosmarinus offianalis prostratus
Sedum sp Santolfna sp.
Verbena peruviana
Vinca sp.